SpaceWall 3D animation

Client: SMMD, München

Project: 3D animation showcasing various Airbus Group products. This animation appears as a single scene covering 5 Full HD monitors arranged in a quincunx arrangement at the Airbus Showroom in Ottobrunn, Germany. Excerpts below.

Concept: A single roughly 4 minute long tracking shot starting in orbit, zooming through the atmosphere to the Airbus Group Offices in Ottobrunn, then back up, to Kourou in French Guinea where an Ariane rocket launches, the camera follows the rocket through its stages, up into orbit, where the camera pans to various Airbus satellites and the ISS, then the camera pans back further into geostationary orbit to display more satellites, and finally pans back to the comet 67P where the Rosetta mission flies by.

Total stage size was 6540 x 3679. Length 4 minutes 14 seconds.

Tools: After Effects, Illustrator, Photoshop

Tasks: Concept, moodboard, animation, final render