Materials & Processes expo-piece

Client: VRPE Team

Project: Technocules. Technological molecules. 2D & 3D interactive touchscreen installation piece on exhibit at the Airbus Ottobrunn Showroom, showcasing various Airbus technologies. I developed a series of roughly 15 technocules – each one representing a different facet of Airbus tech – animated them, and programmed the interface.

A user would take a plexiglass cube containing Airbus technology off a wall-rack and place it onto a receptacle, which would read an embedded RFID chip and the exhibit interface would jump to display interactive information explaining the Airbus technology inside the plexiglass cube.

Tools: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Animate CC, as3, xml, greensock

Tasks: Concept, moodboard, animation, programming, final render

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