SpaceWall 3D animation

Client: SMMD, München

Project: 3D animation showcasing various Airbus projects. These animations appear as single scenes covering 5 Full HD monitors arranged in a quincunx arrangement at the Airbus Showroom in Ottobrunn, Germany.

Excerpts below show a slightly different version, there were a couple of little problems that happened while scaling down & time-remapping the video to show all five screens in the same vid for this website, working on a better render. This whole portfolio site is still a work in progress anyhow.

Total stage size was 6540 x 3679. The film was composed of a single long tracking shot of an Ariane Launch from the Kourou launchpad, into orbit where it met a few satellites and the ISS, then the camera panned back further and further along the trajectory displaying various Airbus Group satellites, eventually culminating in a vista of the Rosetta mission around the comet P67. Film length was about 4 and a half minutes.

Tools: Cinema4D, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator

Tasks: Concept, moodboard, animation, final render